Next game night:

Thursday, November 29

Meet at The Magician* (118 Rivington Street, b/t Essex & Norfolk)
Game starts at 7:30pm

*Note: The Magician is cash-only. Happy Hour goes until 8pm, and while they don't have a food menu, outside food is allowed.

A note from your hosts

oh hi BG&B! We’re still here!

Our schedules have prevented us from getting a regular season up and running, but since we miss you all and want to see your delightful faces, it’s time to adapt the BG&B format again!

We’ll be doing monthly-ish one-offs for the foreseeable future. Instead of an episodic series, think of these BG&B events as Lifetime Original Movies. They won’t happen on a regular schedule, and you’ll want to drink with your friends for the best experience.

The first one is Thursday, November 29th at The Magician, and we’ll be playing quiet coop card game The Mind!

That’s all for now! and don’t forget to vote on Nov 6!